Shipping policy

Shipping information

The coffee is shipped within 5 days from the order:

- if ground or in grain format, rroasting will take place a few days before shipment (max 7/15 days: in some rare cases we can go up to 3 weeks after roasting, depending on the production cycle);

- if Nespresso * compatible capsules: the expiry date on the capsules, which are quality-assured because they are encapsulated and sealed in a protective atmosphere, will be decisive.

Our coffee is valve sealed to ensure the highest product quality.

Any changes / cancellations of the order, must be received within a maximum of 4 hours from receipt of the order confirmation e-mail.

If the order does not arrive at its destination, we will contact the courier appointed for a timely verification of the shipment:

  • If the package is delivered by the courier in charge, confirmed by tracking, we will unfortunately not be able to proceed with a refund but we will be able to support you for further checks;
  • if it is not delivered by the courier, we will proceed with a further check on the status of the order, and a possible refund of the order placed or a new shipment of the product not received.

Keep in mind that with Covid-19 and the problems related to the green pass, the shipment could be delayed.



- ITALY (including islands)

- SPAIN (including the Balearic Islands)