Moist coffee cake

La torta al caffè di Acquolina in Bocca: la rubrica e le ricette a basa di caffè di Kanuni Coffee

Cake Coffee: the video recipe!


  • espresso or mocha RULE COFFEE 170g

  • farina 150g

  • yeast 4g

  • sugar 180g

  • 160g butter

  • chopped almonds 200g

  • chopped biscuits about 40g

  • eggs 4 yolks


We first prepare our delicious fresh coffee and put it aside, then we weigh all the other ingredients and keep them ready for the "secret" blend of our exquisite coffee cake.

First of all we take the butter and melt it slowly in a bain-marie: take a saucepan with the butter and put it in a pot of boiling water that will melt our butter very slowly (I confess that when I'm in a hurry I turn the oven on at 100 / 120 degrees, I put my butter inside and take it off immediately as soon as I see that it has practically melted).

Small tip: also try the version with softened butter, that is, taking it out of the refrigerator an hour before, and then you will tell me the difference! I have tried both versions ...

Now let's take our egg yolks and adding the sugar a little at a time we start beating them with an electric mixer or if you have a wrist, even with a hand whisk ... but in this case it will certainly take much more time and energy! Continue until you see a nice homogeneous cream.

Once the cream is ready and our melted butter has cooled down, take it and mix it for a few minutes with the mixture until it is perfectly combined and the cream will be shiny and homogeneous

Take the almonds, the biscuits you have at home (try different versions ... even Savoiardi!) And chop them in your food processor until you have a coarse or finer powder ... in this case it goes to your taste!

Take the yeast and mix it with the flour, then, one ingredient at a time, start pouring it into our cream, mixing slowly with an electric mixer or whisk; in order we will have:

- chopped almonds and biscuits

- a little at a time the flour already mixed with our yeast

- our delicious coffee

If necessary, and if the dough is too dry, add more fresh coffee.

Once you have our coffee-colored cream, prepare a well-buttered and floured round pan, and pour our mixture into it!

After having turned on our oven at 180/190 degrees in advance, we bake the cake and start setting our alarm clock on 30 minutes! This phase is fundamental as it must not be too cooked or too raw, so arm yourself with patience and several toothpicks, because when you arrive at 30 minutes we will have to open our oven every 5 minutes, insert the wooden toothpick and check that it rises dry and NOT WET! Attention, if you see that it remains slightly moist, the cake is perfect to be taken out, but make sure it does not remain too wet ...


Now you just have to taste this fantastic coffee cake together with an excellent Espresso or a Moka with the delicious Kanuni Coffee blends!


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