Something about us ...


My present!

I am Alessandro, creator and founder of this extraordinary company, Kanuni Coffee, very young, very dynamic but above all professional and born to offer something new to all coffee lovers, especially the most demanding palates!

What am I talking about? I'll explain it to you right away!

Who has never wanted a freshly roasted, roasted coffee, in which to find the maximum aroma, the fragrance of the freshly roasted bean and all the organoleptic characteristics that one would expect to find in a coffee of excellent quality ?! Here, you finally have the opportunity to try something NEW, because Kanuni wanted to differentiate itself by creating this coffee line FRESH just roasted, within a few days of shipment, just to be able to guarantee you the true flavor of coffee, with all its notes and complex nuances.

Since the 1950s our Italian artisans work the beans with extreme care, a passion typical of those who love the product but above all know it deeply, to give you, the final customer, a result of exceptional goodness.

A selection of single origins and blends, worked with completely natural processes, sometimes biological, manually and without any mechanical activity; our beans are processed by small farmers, in an ethical manner and always respecting the surrounding environment, with the most ancient harvesting, washing and drying techniques.

I am sure that you will find in our selection of coffees that aroma and taste that you have been looking for for a long time but that you will rarely have found within the walls of your home! Finally Kanuni Coffee will give you this opportunity, thanks to the freshness of the freshly roasted beans, cooled at the moment and packed on the same day of shipment!


This is me, this is my company, RULE COFFEE, a name which in Swhaili means "the origins".