Tiramisu by Acquolina in Bocca

Il tiramisù di Acquolina in Bocca: ricetta a base di caffè nella rubrica di Kanuni Coffee

Tiramisu: the video recipe!


  • espresso or mocha RULE COFFEE 200 ml

  • 1 pack of Ladyfingers

  • Mascarpone fresco 250 g

  • 2 tablespoons of fresh whipped cream (OPTIONAL)

  • brown or brown sugar 100 g

  • 25 ml of water

  • 4 yolks + 1 and a half tablespoons of sugar (pasteurization)

  • cacao amaro QB

  • 2 tablespoons of cornstarch


Let's start with the preparation of the ingredients!

The first thing to do is to prepare a low container with our freshly roasted high quality coffee (strictly KANUNI!), And once it has cooled down a little, start dipping our Savoiardi; one by one we will turn them 2/3 times in the coffee and place them on a flat serving plate to ensure that our coffee "expands" inside the biscuit.

Once all the Savoiardi have been prepared and put aside, we will begin the preparation of our delicious mascarpone cream!

Take the egg yolks, and a little at a time, starting to mix immediately with our manual, electric whisk or with our food processor, pour the sugar until a soft and shiny cream is formed! During this operation, we pour a little bit of rum, just to give that original aftertaste to our cream.

Then we take the mascarpone, and one spoon at a time, gently, pour it into our bowl and start mixing slowly until it is completely amalgamated! Immediately after we will have to increase our "whipping" cycle as the mascarpone will have to thicken to the ideal consistency .... whisk quickly until completely thickened!



  • liquid cream
  • whipped or whipped cream

How do you get the perfect cream? Simple, following these small but very important precautions:

  • make sure you use a FRESH mascarpone, as fresh as possible, and above all select a mascarpone with a high degree of FAT indicated in the table of values! Because? Simple, to "whip" mascarpone, like fresh cream, it needs fat and therefore the reason is well explained ... the less fats there are, the more difficult and complicated it will be for our mascarpone to be whipped to perfection, even after an hour of hectic work !!

Now we come to our tiramisu:

    • once we have put our cream aside, we prepare:
        1. colander with pure bitter cocoa ready to be sprinkled (I don't recommend sugared cocoa otherwise our tiramisu will be too sweet ... almost nauseating!)
        2. our Savoiardi ready-made and soaked in coffee
        3. our baking dish or our bowls, ready to be filled with our creation


          Let's start with the assembly of our Tiramisu:

          • a layer of Savoiardi
          • a layer of cream
          • a sprinkling of bitter cocoa

          so on until you get to the edge of our pan / bowl!

          We end, of course, with a layer of bitter cocoa and maybe a small piece of Savoyard left for the occasion ...


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