Coffee cream by Kanuni Coffee

Crema al caffè Artigianale di Kanuni Coffee in collaborazione con Acquolina in Bocca


Coffee cream: curiosity!

Think, originally the term "cream coffee" was used in place of the term "Espresso", as it simply described the cream that was formed during the extraction of our coffee by means of an Espresso machine (1948: Gaggia).

In the 1980s, for example, the terms were used in Germany "Coffee Cream" or "Kaffee" to describe the black coffee served on the premises.

The term "coffee cream" or "coffee cream" was therefore used to describe different types of coffee, as in Switzerland, which was used to describe a long coffee, also famous in the 1980s.

Today, however, when you enter a bar or a club, when we ask for a "coffee cream", we will immediately see you bring a delicious, sweet, less frothy, coffee-based cream!

A delight that many of you will have tried at the Bar and that they will surely want to replicate at home with the coffee of Code Coffee.

Let's start by saying that this is a very tasty, fast, simple recipe, but which you can find described with dozens of different recipes on the web, from the "lightest" one to the thickest cream, like custard; at the base of everything, however, there is always a FUNDAMENTAL ingredient, the coffee!


The recipes 

Let's start with a simple simple water-based coffee cream recipe, yes, just 3 ingredients for a frothy and delicate cream that will literally drive you crazy!


1) WATER-based coffee cream

We take the following ingredients:

- soluble coffee (50 g)

- 250 ml of cold water from the refrigerator (or room temperature water left in the freezer for 45 minutes min.)

- 150/200 grams of sugar 


The assembly is very simple: take all the ingredients, combine them together and start mixing them with an electric whisk (by hand, unless you are a whisk professional, it will be rather difficult and tiring!), Until obtaining a frothy coffee-based cream, to be served cold or on the spot!

If you are wondering "but why soluble coffee?", Simple, the success is optimal if in this case you use soluble coffee as the Espresso or Moka coffee does not lead to the same result ...


2) CREAM based coffee cream 

Let's move on to a certainly less light version but much more greedy eheh


In this case we will always have 3 ingredients:

- a cup of Espresso coffee or 60/70 g of coffee in Moka

- 40/50 grams of sugar

- cream for desserts (cold from the fridge) 300g


Let's start with a simple idea: all ingredients and containers must be COLD, VERY COLD.

How do we get the ideal temperatures? Simple:

- we prepare the coffee, sweeten it (mix thoroughly) and then cool it in the refrigerator or in the freezer if we don't have much time, until it cools down completely;

- take the bowl that we will use to mix the ingredients and place it at least half an hour before, inside the freezer.


Having done the above, once all the ingredients are ready, take our liquid cream for desserts and pour it into our previously cooled bowl, then beat with our electric whisk at high speed, and once it is almost completely whipped, we pour our sweetened iced coffee and continue to beat until the perfect consistency of coffee cream!

On the web there are also many alternative solutions to the electric whisk, where a bottle is used; in practice, you pour everything into a bottle and start shaking until you get a rather thick cream ... an interesting solution, I dare to say.


3) Custard based coffee cream!

Many of you will have already understood what I'm talking about, yes, a custard, with milk and eggs, based on coffee !!! SLUUURP .....


Let's first look at the ingredients:

- 3/4 yolks

- half liter of milk

- 80/90 g of granulated sugar or, as I prefer, whole or raw cane sugar!

- 80 g of flour or corn starch (try the two versions and judge for yourself!)

- coffee: a cup of Espresso or 50/60 g of coffee in Moka


At this point we proceed as if we were composing a beautiful custard:

1) put a bowl (if metal better ...) in the freezer at least half an hour before, because we will need it to cool our mixture and make it perfectly homogeneous and shiny (famous recipe for custard from Iginio Massari!);

2) we put the milk on the fire;

3) in the meantime, beat the egg yolks with the sugar to form a smooth cream without lumps; 

4) Add the flour and finish mixing, being careful, with our electric whisk, not to cause lumps to form;

5) At this point we add our fresh Kanuni Coffee and mix it together with the rest of the mixture (a little trick to avoid the formation of lumps: take a cup, add the flour or cornstarch and a little at a time, with a fork, pour our coffee until you get a liquid without lumps or thick cream ...);

6) Once the coffee has been combined, take the boiling milk and slowly pour it into the mixture, stirring with a whisk or better still, a wooden spoon;

7) Once mixed, we take our container and place it on top of another container of boiling water, on the kitchen stove, making sure to stir constantly! In practice we made a "bain-marie", bowl within bowl, to prevent our mixture from creating lumps or breaking down too quickly (I always recommend this method to obtain a perfect cream, but you can also use direct contact with the stove , being very careful to mix continuously so as not to burn the bottom and therefore to prevent it from sticking ... and then we have a non-stick pan, then everything becomes easier !!); once the cream has thickened, PAY VERY ATTENTION TO THE CONSISTENCY, we will remove it from the heat!

8) We now come to the final touch, the phase that will lead us to obtain a "pastry" type coffee cream, to be used also in desserts, perfectly velvety and shiny:

- take our freezer-cooled metal bowl

- pour the creamy mixture into the metal bowl and mix it with a whisk or a wooden spoon, to make it cool quickly ... and voila, we will have a delicious coffee cream!


I hope you enjoyed these three recipes of "coffee cream" by Kanuni Coffee, with the collaboration of Acquolina in Bocca.


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