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La pianta del caffè e qualche accenno...

Coffee, an element of the earth with an important history because there is already some mention of historical books in 850 AD. and from there it began to spread throughout the world; let's not forget that the name Kanuni was born precisely from this important and mysterious story, as it is said that it was in Ethiopia that everything originated, and in one of the official languages of SOUTH-Africa, Swahili, the word "KANUNI" really means "principle / origin".

We continue our story with the beauty enclosed in the colors of this plant, colors that take shape over time and vary from the intense and bright green of its leaves to the bright red of its drupes, or more commonly also called "cherries", which due to maturity they change color, from green to yellow, up to the most intense red, and what we find inside these drupes, of course, our precious coffee bean ... obviously raw and green in color!

The complexity of flavors that we find in the cup is certainly given by the type of plant, soil and process that the grower uses during his journey, but not only that, certainly a large part of this complexity that reaches our palates with such "impetuousness" , is given by its transformation, therefore the techniques used for conservation, the whole roasting phase, very important to restore a certain aromatic profile and to guarantee the maintenance of all the organoleptic characteristics of our coffee beans.

Some of you might be surprised or even "bewildered" by the difficulty in grasping a certain scent or a series of scents from our cup of coffee, but know that it is completely normal!

There are hundreds of factors and therefore the components that lead to a certain aromatic profile, and we should not be surprised if there is no "best cup of coffee" but only the "CUP OF EXCELLENCE" that is the recognition for the tastiest harvest of a given year ... that's right, taste remains a completely personal matter.

Where does the coffee plant grow? How come we have never seen a coffee plantation near us, or have not even heard of it? Simple, coffee is grown and grows only between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn, in particular this area called "the coffee belt"; let's leave out some experimental crops that we have heard about or are hearing about in this period ... it is obvious that if they worked we would all be much happier and satisfied with our land!

What are the main regions where coffee is grown? Africa, Asia and of course the Americas.

Many of us are fond of certain blends or of very balanced single origins, such as Colombia or Brazil, but the advice I can give you is to experience the quality and goodness of different brands, as you will surely find enormous differences from each other. other and nuances that will often lead you to change your mind about one or the other type of coffee! Obviously, I'm not talking about Kanuni, here is another matter of quality and exceptional goodness! haha

Not only the type of blend, but the type of extraction can also greatly change the flavor, taste and aroma of our coffee ... espresso, Moka, American, French or French press! A fascinating world ...


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