Coffee grinding and its why!

Today we will talk about coffee grinding, and in particular the necessary evaluation that we are going to make on the grain size we have chosen, based on the final use we are going to make!

What does this mean? Simply that the latter can and must vary, if used for espresso, mocha or other types of extraction of our precious coffee.

Why grind our coffee beans? Think for a moment about keeping them intact instead of reducing them into tiny particles ... the surface in contact with water would not be sufficient to transmit all the organoleptic and aromatic properties of our coffee, and this is precisely the reason why coffee is ground!

Now, the other point to take into consideration is the high sensitivity that the latter will have in "contact" with the atmosphere, so let's talk about humidity, temperature, oxygen and even smells! So be careful to keep our ground coffee in a special airtight container and in a cool and dry place, so as not to deteriorate our precious blend prematurely.

This is why Kanuni Coffee uses only hermetically sealed packs with valve for all its ground and bean coffees.

Remember that the particle size we are going to select, and therefore its grain, in the professional field, may vary and must be carefully evaluated according to the final result and multiple factors, as indicated above, to obtain the right cream, aroma and homogeneity, and a correct extraction of our coffee.

A little tip to always get the best out of your coffee:

- buy whole grains or grains whenever possible, possibly freshly roasted like those of Kanuni Coffee, just to keep its organoleptic characteristics intact!

Keep in mind that the fresher our coffee, the more we will be sure to taste a perfectly aromatic blend, taking care to open our package a few minutes before, to oxygenate our beans or our ground coffee, in order to make it more homogeneous and balanced; a bit like red wines ...

I hope you enjoyed this article as well, wishing you to taste our blends, our single origins, in whole beans, ground or Nespresso compatible capsules format with ever greater awareness *

* the Nespresso brand is not owned by Kanuni Coffee

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