The CREAM of coffee!

La crema nel caffè by Kanuni Coffee


Have you ever wondered what it is but above all what contains the coffee cream, to be so "attractive", soft, silky, to attract so much the attention of many during the tasting of an Espresso?

Basically, thanks to the high pressure, the water that passes through our ground and subsequently pressed coffee, and to the professionally pre-set temperature, it is nothing more than a suspension mixture, or rather called emulsion, of carbon dioxide. and oils, extracted from our fresh roasted and ground coffee bean in the ideal grain for the extraction of our Espresso; it is precisely from the cream that you can understand if an espresso is under-extracted or over-extracted, if a coffee is too fresh or too old, or even if we have a water temperature that is too high ... in short, "the state of health "of our Espresso coffee!

Do you want some advice? When you make your next Espresso, take a few minutes to observe the cream following the suggestions of ours BLOG, and you will see that over time you will be able to improve its homogeneity, its "softness" and to understand a little more all the elements and techniques to obtain a perfectly balanced, and consequently a coffee with a completely natural aroma, nor too watered down, not too burnt!

We will never stop repeating enough that perseverance and exercise will allow you over time to obtain an excellent Espresso within the walls of your home, often completely enviable compared to many BARS that pay very little attention to our element, coffee, and the technique required for a perfect extraction.

Good Espresso and good exercise everyone! 


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