How to make great coffee with MOKA!

1933 - Alfonso Bialetti - MOKA

Let's start by saying that MOKA, in addition to having one of the most important and famous stories in the world, is certainly one of the most popular ways to make coffee in Italian culture, loved by many families and preferred to many other types of extraction. therefore we cannot fail to explain how to prepare an excellent MOKA within the walls of our home!

There are many Moka-type coffee makers on the market, but the principle is the same: we have a tank full of water, a filter placed between the tank and its final container, that is the upper part of our coffee maker, and during the heating of the water vapor forms, which makes it escape at about 2 atmospheres, taking the soluble and insoluble parts of coffee, including the noblest aromas!


Now let's talk about the technique to get a perfect MOKA:

1) we check that our coffee maker is clean (never with detergent and never in the dishwasher!);

2) check that the gasket is in place and perfectly intact;

3) fill the tank (the lower part of the coffee maker) with water up to the valve and NOT BEYOND! I recommend, because for the uninitiated, that peg you find inside the small tank is just a safety valve as we always talk about the boiler!

- a small note: for those who do not know or do not want to believe it, water has its importance, so if you want to try to taste an excellent coffee as well as an excellent Moka, use a natural mineral water that is as "neutral" and tasteless as possible ... then you will tell me the difference!

4) we take our quality coffee, obviously Kanuni Coffee 😆 and fill our filter up to the edge but without pressing it! Maybe we move it for a moment to better distribute it in its accommodation; the grind of the Moka will have to be slightly coarser than that normally used for espresso, and it is for this reason that we have two different blends, Espresso and MOKA!

5) screw the upper part of the Moka and tighten well;

6) we light the flame of our stove and set it to MINIMUM! This phase is very important because it will help our Moka to extrapolate all the natural aromas of our refined blend, creating that typical foam of fresh coffee.

7) now be very careful, because as soon as you hear that typical Moka noise, the moment when the air is about to come out, you will have to SWITCH OFF IMMEDIATELY and move your coffee maker from the stove! This basically helps to extract the noblest parts of the coffee and related aromas, keeping the most unpleasant and bitter parts inside the tank!

8) last and no less important step will be to mix the freshly extracted coffee with a teaspoon, to ensure that all the aromatic parts come together, to obtain a perfect balance in the cup.




A small suggestion to further improve the aroma and organoleptic characteristics of your Moka: if you feel like it, time and a few tens of Euros to invest, buy yourself a STAINLESS STEEL coffee maker, you will notice a "cleaner" coffee in flavor, taste and aroma!


We hope that our detailed explanation will help you to get the best MOKA you have ever tasted, but we are sure that our selection of freshly roasted coffees can already give you a huge help !! 😁


We meet again at the next in-depth study ... shall we perhaps talk about Espresso ?! Who knows....


Kanuni Coffee

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