La caffeina: generalità e caratteristiche legate alla pianta del caffè, ai chicchi ed al suo uso...


What is caffeine? The most experts would say "natural alkaloid", but we do not want to dare so much and we will only say that it is a substance that is found in coffee plants (and not only obviously ...), and in particular we find it in the whole plant, from leaves, to the stem but above all in the coffee seeds, that is our famous beans!

It is a narcotic substance, indeed, the most widespread psychoactive substance needless to say that it has a stimulating effect, and is also used on a medical level.

Its concentration varies according to many factors:

  • Coffee species (Arabica has a variable percentage that is around 1%, while Robusta has a percentage that can reach up to 4%);
  • Type of coffee linked to the type of preparation:
    • Expressed
    • Instant
    • Moka
    • or decaffeinated!
  • The size of the cup, which can vary approximately from 30 ml up to 700 ml and beyond, considerably modifying the caffeine concentration of our coffee;
  • I degree of roasting:
    • Lighter roasted beans will have more caffeine than darker roasted coffee beans.

An interesting curiosity is that, contrary to what one might think, decaffeinated coffees contain a certain amount of caffeine, which can vary from zero up to about 7 mg.

Finally, it is the caffeine that has a slight bitter taste and is soluble in hot water.


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