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Something about Africa ...

Surely the country in the world closest to the origins of coffee! We know from the name we gave ourselves, Code, and we explain it more accurately in the section dedicated toEthiopia and on our main page, where we explain the meaning of the our name.

In Africa we have coffee with fruity, floral, chocolaty hints but often also with vinous, earthy aftertaste, with citrus acidity, certainly often complex, such as the varieties of coffee that we find in the regions of Ethiopia and Kenya, among the most valuable and renowned worldwide.

 We have hundreds of varieties. indeed thousands, distributed throughout the country, grown, harvested and processed in a different way, where natural processes certainly return products with greater "feeling" in terms of taste, harmony, aromas.

Let's start immediately with the region that remains linked most of all to the mystery of the origins of coffee, where it all began: Ethiopia.


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