Carbon dioxide and degassing in coffee!

L'anidride carbonica e degassamento nel caffè


Roasting, this is where it all begins ...

A very delicate phase, during which gases are formed inside our coffee bean, in particular Carbon Dioxide is formed ... CARBON DIOXIDE.

This is the main reason why the so-called DEGASSING phase is necessary, that is the phase in which the gas is released from the bean following its roasting; for this purpose, it is always advisable to let our fresh coffee "breathe" and then degas it for a few tens of minutes, but also something more, just before preparing an excellent Espresso coffee ... obviously this phase will be fundamental and very important if our coffee package is new and just sealed!

For the more experienced, or for wine lovers like myself, it can be very reminiscent of opening a bottle of wine a moment before tasting it ... and that's right! Different elements, completely different compositions and processes, but the aim is always the same, and that is to taste our product of the earth to the maximum of its organoleptic capacities and in optimal conditions.

Obviously our coffees have already been degassed with extreme care by our Artisans, but we always recommend letting them breathe a little, before using it, precisely because of the freshness that sets it apart!

A coffee that is too fresh could precisely generate some defects in our coffee, such as gas bubbles, which would change the creaminess, homogeneity and silkiness of our delicious fresh roasted coffee, and sometimes bringing a bitter taste. .... so be careful!

See you in the next article with many new curiosities about the world of coffee.


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