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Colombia: il caffè, la regione e qualche cenno di storia sempre in ambito caffè!




Colombian coffee is one of the best known profiles in the world, indeed perhaps the best known!

Let's deal with a bit of history ...

Coffee arrived in Colombia at the beginning of the 18th century thanks to the Jesuits, a very famous religious institute, founded around 1500 in Paris. 

Starting from the 19th century it had an explosive growth that led it to an overall export of about 50% of the total; today Colombia is the 2nd world producer of coffee.

A very interesting curiosity about the coffee of Colombia is the famous logo or image of the Colombian with the hat, JUAN VALDEZ, and the mule at his side.

Yes, in 1958 it was created by a US advertising agency, this NON REAL character, a farmer and his mule carrying bags of coffee, to advertise the FNC (National Federation of Colombian Coffee), and was then placed all over the place (bags of coffee and other merchandising).

Keep in mind that even today it is one of the symbols that most represents coffee in Colombia and throughout South America.

Moreover, it is not so difficult to think and see even mules transporting coffee to Colombia, precisely because it is usually grown at high altitudes, on rough terrain, on which it is transported with JEEPs or mules!

Colombian coffee is grown by thousands of families scattered throughout the territory, in their small companies, which nowadays own and control the FNC with more than 500,000 members.

The coffee growing area mainly extends into the triangle formed between BOGOTÁ-NARINO-SIERRA NEVADA, including the whole area of Santander.

The best known terms created by the FNC for the identification of the Colombian coffee grade are SUPREMO and EXCELSO:

- SUPREME is the highest grade that identifies, contrary to what one might believe, the size of the grain and not the quality!

- EXCELSO is the second highest grade on the scale, usually less sweet than the Supreme and with a more pronounced acidity.

It is known that Colombian coffees are famous for their balance, the sweet tendency but they can certainly range from a more decisive and full body, chocolaty, to aromas with notes of jam and various fruit, precisely because in the region there is a spectrum of flavors that can vary according to the place of cultivation.

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Good tasting.


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