Coffee: Central and South America

Il caffè: le regioni dell'America centrale e del SUD - Kanuni Coffee (Le pillole di Caffè)

Let's start immediately by saying that in this Region there are 3 of the largest producers of coffee in the world and we can say with certainty that for what is the North American market, we find what can be considered the cup of a "good coffee".

We specify better! Although there are many different crops, depending on the country of origin and the type of soil, Latin American coffee is famous for its clean finish and its "fresh" acidity.

We can trace back to the altitude of cultivation of the plants, some general characteristics of the coffees born in these specific conditions:

  • in Central America and in the northernmost part of South America, we find full-bodied and decisive coffees grown at high altitudes;
  • the coffees, on the other hand, grown at low altitudes, are usually softer, more balanced and round, as well as being sometimes sweet and dark.

Usually processed in small family-run businesses, they are mostly processed in wet, in centralized mills which facilitate a clean and uniform finish.

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